Have It Both Ways

Pure Birch Water

& Discover

Our New Birch Water with Matcha Green Tea
& Ginger, Apple & Lime


Have It Both Ways

Pure Birch Water

& Discover

Our New Birch Water with Matcha Green Tea
& Ginger, Apple & Lime

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We at BelSeva are delighted to announce that our original organic birch water is now available in the Tetra Pak Prisma 330ml DreamCap™ format.

This makes BelSeva the ultimate drinking experience to enjoy everywhere whether on the go as part of a urban lifestyle or at home.

BelSeva now produces the freshest tasting birch tree water possible thanks to its use of Tetra Pak. Tetra Pak is environmentally friendly and also protects the sap, its taste and its nutrients from degradation of light as well as from spoilage.

Did we mention that it’s a WORLD FIRST?

By teaming up with Tetra Pak you can now enjoy unparalleled excellence in the birch water industry.

Welcome to BelSeva Organic Birch water – The Thirst of its kind.

A list of stockists will be available soon (you really are the first to know). In the meantime if you would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact us here or input your email below and we will be in touch:

Organic Birch Water



 IN AUTUMN: Birch Sap for Sale  The tree grows new leaves and starts the growing season, continuing nature’s renewable energy cycle.
IN SPRING:The warmer temperature awakens the birch tree and pushes the sap to flow through the tree from root to tip where it is naturally Birch Sap  filtered.
HARVEST: This is when we get ready to collect the precious health elixir. Birch Sap Health Elixir The harvest season is short, typically 3-4 weeks and happens only once a year prior to the burst of the leaves.
Birch Tree Water
ECOLOGICAL: When collecting the nutritious sap we follow a traditional, ecological and gentle harvesting method which does not harm the health of our trees at all. Shop Birch Sap Online The tree then grows new leaves and starts the growing season, continuing nature’s renewable energy cycle.
QUALITY: We planted our trees 30 years ago and the fact we harvest the sap ourselves in France, brings you the guaranteeBuy Birch Sap from BelSeva that we control the quality and that nothing is added in the sap.

BelSeva produce high quality organic birch sap products.

Birch sap is a genuine, pure natural living water which flows through the birch tree in Spring. It is a slightly sweet, thin syrupy-watery liquid which is enjoyable to drink.
We sell our 100% organic birch sap here in our online shop so you can get the benefits of Birch sap delivered directly to your door.

Take a look at some of the health benefits birch sap provides:

Birch sap helps melting cellulite when taken over a sustained period of time. It contains only 5 calories per 100ml.

Birch Sap is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which helps to restore vitality.

Birch sap eliminates toxins e.g. alcohol, saturated fat, food colouring, additives, pesticides, remnants of industrially-processed foods, preservatives, and many more.

Birch Sap improves the condition of all skin tissues and fights against diseases such as eczema, herpes and psoriasis.

Birch Water Benefits

BelSeva is located in a little village in Lorraine (North-East of France) where we tap the birch juice from our trees we planted over 30 years ago.

100% natural, no preservatives, no additives
Certified Organic as per French & European Regulations

Organic Agency        organic-agency

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“Birch sap is an invaluable remedy for rheumatic diseases, the aftereffects of gout, bladder obstructions, and countless chronic ills”.

Baron Pierre-François Percy (1754-1825), army surgeon and inspector general to Napoleon


I have been using BelSeva after my workouts to replenish my energy and aid my recovery. I am quite impressed with the results, the recovery seems to be lot quicker.
Mark Ryan
My husband tells me that he feels younger after taking this every morning! I can certainly vouch that he is in a much better mood these days!!
Simone H.
We have been taking Birch Sap for years and cant speak highly enough about its benefits. My kids love BelSevas' Flavored drinks.
M.J. Pavillot
Using BelSeva once every morning has helped me with my weight goals. It seems to aid my digestion and leaves me feeling lighter and not sluggish.
Amy Robinson


Agricultural product harvested in the villages of Meuse (Lorraine Region in North East of France)